“Model Worker”Apprentice Pairing

In order to vigorously promote the spirit of “artisan”, Zhejiang Songqiao Company fully develop the leading role of model worker, guide the majority of employees to stick their posts ,love their jobs, and strive for excellence, so promote the company’s technological innovation ,transformation and upgrading. On the afternoon of April 29, under the witness of the leaders of the general union of kandun street and general manager Lou Songqiao, the national model worker Lou Zhongyu and six outstanding young employees of the company opened the signing ceremony of “model worker”apprenticeship.

Lou Zhongyu is the winner of the national May 1 labor medal, the model worker in Zhejiang Province, the first batch of port city craftsman, a member of the pneumatic professional standards technical committee and a senior engineer. Won the second prize of Cixi employees“five small”outstanding achievement in technological innovation, the first prize of Cixi science and technology progress has 5 inventions patents and participated in the formulation of the standard of “professional quick connector of fire rescue tools”by the fire department research institute of the Ministry of public security.


Zhejiang Songqiao Company set up a model worker innovation team led by Lou Zhongyu as the leader and technical backbone members. In the whole technological innovation activities, Lou Zhongyu tirelessly taught his professional skills and work experiences to the team members and led the team to explore boldly and actively, so achieved a number of achievements in scientific research and technical results.


At the ceremony, six outstanding young employees of the company felt honor to find a famous teacher and signed the Master-Apprentice Pairing Agreement with Lou Zhongyu, a model worker. Lou Zhongyu said that he would do a good job in “spreading, helping, leading ”,taught his work experiences and skills to apprentices without reservation, so as to help cultivate more technical talents. The six apprentices also expressed that they would take this activity as an opportunity, stand on their posts, humbly consult others, study hard, improve their business ability and skills as soon as possible, and strive for the continuous promotion of the craftsman spirit of Songqiao Company.






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