The Second Seminar on the National Standard Group Meetings of Three Quick-action Couplings Successfully Closed in Zhejiang Songqiao Company on June 23

From June 22 to 23, three national standards of three quick-action couplings (It is connections for hydraulic fluid power—Quick-action couplings—Part 2: Flush-face type at 20 MPa to 31.5 MPa ISO16028 standard is to match with product of LSQ-FF standard,《Connections for hydraulic fluid power—Quick-action couplings—Part 3:Screw connection type for general purpose ISO14541 standard is to match with product LSQ-CVV standard,《Connections for hydraulic fluid power—Quick-action couplings—-Part 4: Screw connection type at 72 MPa ISO 14540 standard is to match with product KZE-B standard) formulation seminar working group meeting were held in Zhejiang Songqiao Pneumatic &Hydraulic Co. Ltd. The meeting was chaired by the Secretary General Luo Jing. The meeting conducted the discussion and demonstration on the basis of the first demonstration of the "Three National Standards for Quick-action couplings" drafted and initiated by Songqiao Company in May 2019.


Songqiao Company as the drafting and promotion company of this Three National Standard of three quick-action coupling once again highlights Songqiaos leading style in the quick-action couplings industry. In order to achieve Songqiao Companys strategic goal of challenge the top in the world, make the best in China, follow the international pace has laid a solid basis once again.



Lou Songqiao, general manager of Zhejiang Songqiao Company, said in the expert group seminar, Songqiao Company is one of the members of the industry standard committee for quick-action couplings, we not only take the development and growth of enterprises as our goal, but also strive to promote the development of Chinas quick-action coupling industry to standardization, standardization and technology, contribute our strength for Chinas quick-action couplings industry and international standard!


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