Congratulations: Songqiao employee Qin Weixiong and other comrades achieved excellent results in the numerical control skills competition of the 14th Cixi Skills Games for workers.

                                      Comrade Qin Weixiong won the first prize

                                      Comrade Li Daifu won the second prize

          Zhu Xiaolong, Lu Xinghua, Mo Xiuhu and other comrades won the third prize

On September 27 2020, the Cixi City 14th Worker Skills Games and numerical control skills competition organized by Cixi Federation of Trade Unions and co-organized by Zhejiang Songqiao Company was held in the numerical control workshop of Zhejiang Songqiao Company. In this competition, five employees of Songqiao Company, including Qin Weixiong,Li Daifu, Zhu Xiaolong, Lu Xinghua and Mo Xiuhu won the first, second and third prize respectively with their exquisite skills and adept numerical control operation skills.





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