Warm congratulation: Zhejiang Songqiao Company《National Military Standard》quality system launch meeting held ceremoniously


The opening meeting of Songqiao Company“National Military Standard”quality system implementation was held ceremoniously on the fourth floor in the company on May 23,2021. General manager Lou Songqiao implemented《National Military Standards of the People’s Republic of China》GJB9001C-2017 quality management system in enterprise business activities at the launch meeting, as well as the realization of the company’s strategy in the process of role  and significance of the explanation and mobilization.


   In the launching activity of the《National Military Standard》quality system, the strategy level of Songqiao Company reformulated its strategy vision:“become the world’s leading manufacturer of connectors”in order to adapt to new market challenges and realize the more ambitious business strategy of the company. At the launch meeting, the company’s assistant general manager, Lou Huanyin explained Songqiao’s new strategy vision and the steps to carry out in the National Military Standard Quality System activities.



 《National Military Standard》quality system launch meeting invited senior researcher Li Chunsong teacher to train Songqiao company’s middle and senior management and the key members of quality department. During the activity, relevant issues were discussed and guided enthusiastically.


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