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Warm congratulations: Songqiao NC innovation team won: "2017 Cixi City Staff Technical Innovation Outstanding Achievement The Second Award"

Adddate: 2018-04-07 14:38:32

 Excellent deeds:

   In 2016, the CNC workshop innovation team (Li Zhouyun, Qin Yunmei, Huang Haichao, Tao Jinjun, Sun Bo, Lu Xiaorui) under the leadership of innovation team leader Li Zhouyun, in the CNC machining process of the company's KZE-B series bodys and plugs." The plug of body seal point angle and thickness measurement method "were improved. After 3 and 4 months of repeated testing, the technical attack changed the original seal point to two plug gauges to measure the seal point and end point thickness simultaneously. After quality, technical verification, and validation of the final finished customer's use have resulted in a significant increase in the passing rate of one product inspection, from 96% to 98.3%, an increase of 2.3%.

     The technical innovation results were reviewed by experts from Cixi City Federation of Trade Unions and assessed as "2017 Cixi City employees outstanding achievements in technological innovation second prize";

Innovative spirit:

       In the actual production, the courageous spirit of “Courage, innovation, courage, and practice” in front of technical problems is a valuable asset of Songqiao’s corporate culture, which is worth learning for each of our employees. It is hoped that in the spirit of courage, each of our employees will exert their own skill, wisdom and intelligence in the actual work and will improve the production process and processing technology. In the face of difficulties, we should fully carry forward the Songqiao company's pioneering spirit, create more and better "five small science and technology" results, and strive for the improvement of production efficiency, the company's goal to achieve and achieve our value of life .


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