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  • Product name: LSQ-TC close type hydraulic quick coupling


LSQ-TC close type hydraulic quick coupling(steel)
Applications: The LSQ-TC series couplings are found in the construction, railway maintenance and house moving industries. Used on hydraulic jacking equipment, these couplers eliminate costly down time caused by improperly connected threaded types. For use where high pressure capability is required coupled with positive coupling action. Considerably faster to use than threaded types.


Body Size(in) 3/8
Rated Pressure(PSI) 10.000
Rated Flow(GPM) 6
Temperature Range(std seals) -20℃ to +120℃
tandard seal material is NBR  

LSQ-TC Features:
1.Positive valve stop, the perch maintains valve alignment and provides metal to metal valve stop to ensure that the valves open fully, every time.
2.Precision machined valves with electrometric seal provide for positive shut-off upon disconnection.
3.Hardened nipples and sleeves and solid barstock construction make for a quality coupling with max-imum resistance to damage from hydraulic and mechanical shock.
4.Durable ball-locking mechanism assures reliable connection every time. A large number of locking balls distributes and work load evenly while providing alignment and swiveling action to reduce hose torque and prolong hose life. CAUTION: These products are not to be used as swivels; rotation under pressure will result in excessive and premature wear.
5.Sleeve locking mechanism prevents accidental disconnection when coupling is dragged along the ground 
6.Compatible with PARKER TC Series

Performance: Test Fluid:Oil-200SUS,1GPM=3.78L/Min,1PSID=0.0069MPa.


LSQ-TC series (3/8")  

LSQ-TC NPT3/8 32 24 24 79 62.5 44.2


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