Team development training of Songqiao company-[Stand at the forefront of the times, Lead the industry].


In order to improve the team cohesion of the company's employees, promote the discussion and communication among the staff in each department and promote the spirit of "Songqiao" better. On June 16, Songqiao company specially organizes each management staff led by general manager Lou Songqiao to conduct outdoor team expansion training to Zhaobaoshan in "China Air Defense Expo Park - Military Experience Park" in Zhenhai,Ningbo.


As soon as we got off the car, the coach of the training camp has been waiting for us. Under the leadership of our coaches ,we quickly lined up and did the warm-up activities. After that, we held the opening ceremony. After the opening ceremony, we did the team building, warm-up activities, took group photos and aerial photos. First of all, we divided into groups, chose captain, rose team name, drew team flag, decided team song and so on. Later, "Pioneer team", "Lunar exploration team", "Sunrise team", "beyond team" four teams with a new age full of vigor had been borne. Everyone shouted their team's slogans with full enthusiasm and energetic passion into the following activities.


Then there are the outdoor promotional activities for everyone, activities are divided into four parts, respectively is dynamic top ball, passion street snap, fail forest and ball travel thousands of miles in promotional activities. We cooperate with each other, help each other, together to overcome the common problems. In order to let everybody to know the role of the team and improve the team participation and responsibility.


At last,we conduct the “war game” competiton. Comrades actively participate in mutual cooperation, mutual support of the team spirit and overall awareness with the sound of laughter.



This training lasted for one day. But in this short day, we experienced a lot of ups and downs that we could not experience in work. We realized our own potential, improved our self-confidence, and realized more deeply what a "team" is, thus increasing the cohesion of the team. In the future work life, it taught us how to give up ideas, change state of mind, learn to listen, initiative, pay attention to team, promote the spirit of "Songqiao" better. With the Songqiao team spirit of “Beyond you and me together”to realize the Songqiao strategic goal “Challenge the top in the world,Make the best in Asia,Follow the international pace” to press ahead unite resolutely.


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