Life is calling for blood, love needs dedication---(Songqiao Company Voluntary Blood Donation Campaign)

To promote the humanitarian spirit of the Chinese Nation's Unity and Friendship, publicize and spread the traditional virtue of selfless dedication, respond to the Voluntary Blood Donation Initiative issued by Candun Street,so Songqiao Company actively organized employees to participate in voluntary blood donation on August 6,2019.


The morning of August 6th, more than 20 employees who participated in the Voluntary Blood Donation from Songqiao Company took the heat and went to the blood donation point in Candun Street, Cixi City. Under the guidance of the staff,they carefully fill in the blood donation registration form, measure blood pressure and measure blood pressure.After checking out, donate their blood to the city center blood station. Some of them gave blood for the first time, others have given blood many times.




It said, when they donate blood, those who need urgent treatment can get timely treatment, the patient can relief from pain, Lives can be saved,family becomes sweet,so we also will feel infinite satisfied. Voluntary Blood Donation is not only reflects the humanitarian,but also the important sign of the degree of social civilization.

Guys, we are in the prime of our lives, have the most abundant blood resources. Every drop of our blood gives new hope to life! Let's stretch our arms and give strength to those patients. Hold a blue sky of love for them and for ourselves.


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